what is create adventure?

create adventure is where you can come for a lot of things, such as craft ideas, what do outside, and encouragement. create adventure is a way to escape the routine of our beautiful, crazy world while still embracing it. here are some of the things we are going to eventually have:

-quotes. a quote of the week


-how to help our world.

-devotionals/bible talk

-top of the week. a movie that i watched and what i thought of it. also a song of the week.

-posts about my adventures over the summer

-oh those goats! a weekly post about what my mischievous goats and their partner in crime, Little Bit the horse, did that week.

-my curly baby. a page about my curly horse Little Bit and his precious breed.

gotta love those goats!!
Little Bit. My curly horse.

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